If you are reading this page, it may be because you are experiencing the overwhelming dilemma of deciding whether or not to move a developmentally disabled loved-one out of a family home and into a supported, community-based residence. You are not alone if you find this decision incredibly difficult to think about and have feelings of guilt, anxiety and fear… this is all very natural.

Our goal at DDMS is to provide families with as much information about this option to ensure they are educated and feel comfortable with their decision.

The common misconception of a Group Home or Intermediate Care Facility is that they create an environment of isolation. It is true that not all but the good ones are uniquely designed to meet every aspect of daily living and to promote personal growth, social interaction and independence.

“The first 3 weeks were really tough, but when we realized that Cameron was experiencing a fuller social life, losing weight because of a more nutrition-conscious diet, and a much more engaging daily regimen, we knew we made the right decision.”

This process will likely be difficult for everyone involved, but it is important to understand that this increased independence is in the best interest of your loved-one.

Below are some tips that can assist towards making the transition:

• Identify others who have placed a loved-one in a Group Home / facility to learn more about their experience.

• Schedule multiple tours with various providers to compare and contrast the programs

• Find out from the provider what programs are in place that meet the needs of your loved-one

• Arrange an overnight stay so your loved-one can get an understanding of what this new lifestyle can offer

Below is a checklist of items needed from the Individual for Admission:

• Birth Certificate*
• Social Security Card*
• Identification Card*
• Most Current List of Diagnosis
• Most Current Medication List
• Most Current list of Surgical History
• Most Current Copy of Immunizations list

• Most current History and Physical**
• Most current Psychological Evaluation
• Most current Social Evaluation
• Most current Psychiatric Evaluation**
• Most current Vision Record**
• Most current Dental Record**

        *Original Document Needed     **If Applicable

                If you have any questions about our programs or need additional assistance in making this difficult decision please Contact Us at any time.