Our history

Progressive Healthcare Providers is a non-profit organization has cared for individuals with intellectual disabilities since 1990. Today we provide a stable, loving environment for more than 400 individuals in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana.  

We employ professional staff, who are carefully screened and trained in our unique methods that have been proven and refined over two decades. 

Through our experiences, we’ve honed our methods and practices so we offer each resident a unique opportunity to acquire skills, experiences, employment and build relationships to the maximum potential.   And, we’ve learned maximum can be a lot more than previously thought.

Some of our individuals come to us without ever having experienced much individuality or self-determination.  When they experience our approach, they blossom.  And that inspires us all.

We’re advocates.

Individuals we serve utilize a variety of public resources.  We assist them in obtaining the medical care and services they require. They need friends and a social life in the communities where they live. They need employment that pays a fair wage.   

These opportunities don’t just pop up out of nowhere.  We have to create them.  And that means we have to continually advocate.

We advocate for parents and legal guardians as they navigate the process to eligibility and placement.

We advocate to get local businesses to employ our residents.

We advocate with the state to make sure they get services.

We advocate with community leaders so they’re welcomed as neighbors.

And, every day, our staff advocate for residents to make sure they get the individual attention, support, guidance, nurturing, instruction and praise to live their best lives.

We’re accountants.

We believe sound financial policy and oversight are essential, so that we, and our future leaders, have funds to sustain the excellent quality of life in our homes.  Some residential “families” have been together for many years.  It would be devastating for them to be suddenly separated and scattered. Shame on us if we let that happen. 

Likewise, we set high standards for our professional staff. We must offer competitive compensation to attract the caliber of people we want (and you expect) and we have to encourage them to build a long-term career with us.

Because we take such good care of our money, we’re able to take better care of our residents.  It’s that simple.

Our Leadership

Our Board of Directors, Management Company and Program Administrators have over 100 years of cumulative experience in operating facilities and programs.

Board of Directors.  Progressive Healthcare Providers’ Board of Directors is made up of 4 highly experienced members who have serve individuals with intellectual disabilities as well as other healthcare related industries.  Charles R. Sykes, Jr. serves as the President and Executive Director of Progressive Healthcare Providers.

Management Company.  Developmental Disabilities Managements Services (“DDMS”) have owned and/or managed programs that specialize in the care of individuals with intellectual disabilities since 1991.  Currently, DDMS manages the care of over 900 individuals in six states. 

Program Administrators.  Each Progressive Healthcare Provider program is lead by a Program Administrator with extensive experience in providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Their responsibility and focus is ensuring that each resident has a personalized growth plan developed around his/her unique abilities, needs, and—let’s not forget–desires.